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 Friends of Wiltshire Churches is a way of learning about, and supporting, the county’s rich heritage of church and chapel.

In 2008 it was decided to set up the Friends of Wiltshire Churches
to raise awareness of the rich heritage of churches and chapels in the county and to seek additional funds for the Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust. The cost of maintenance
of ecclesiastical buildings is becoming increasingly expensive while the resources
of bodies such as English Heritage are being squeezed.

Support the important work of the Trust by becoming a Friend of Wiltshire Churches

By doing this you will:

Support the work of the Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust

Help ensure the future of Wiltshire’s historic churches and chapels

Share in the conservation of the ecclesiastical heritage of the county

Be able to participate – see the attached notices of Friends Events, Tours and Lectures  

and enjoy reading summaries of the church tours completed so far Church Tours 2017  

As a Friend of Wiltshire Churches you will receive:

A detailed gazetteer of churches and chapels in Wiltshire

Mailings about Friends’ events including lectures and excursions

The Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust Annual Report. See Friends of Wiltshire Churches Annual Report 2016 

You will also be able to attend the Annual General Meeting – the record of the AGM 2017 can be read by clicking here Report of the AGM 2017

The Annual Lecture always follows the AGM – the overview of the Annual Lecture on the Churches of Russia: Art and Liturgy presented by Jane Angelini on 18th March 2017 can be read by clicking here Overview of the Annual Lecture 2017  


Please complete the membership application and banker’s order and if you are a tax payer the
gift aid certificate. Once you have filled the forms in, please post to:

Martin Knight, The Friends of Wiltshire Churches, The Manor, Winterbourne Bassett,
Wiltshire, SN4 9PU


DOWNLOAD Gift Aid Declaration